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Hebei FeiFanWei Technology Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in the research, production, sales and training of emergency rescue equipment. It mainly produces forest, grassland and wildland protection equipment, such as water fire-extinguishing equipment series, Portable fire pumps, Truck-mounted fire pump, Personal protection equipment, etc. It is the first water-extinguishing and fire-fighting equipment manufacturing base in north China.

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    Founded in 2001
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    20 years experience
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    More than 18 products
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    More than 2 billion

Fei Fan Wei

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  • Light duty high pressure forestry portable fire water pump

    Light duty high pressu...

    Light duty high pressure forestry portable fire water pump Model: TBQ 10/4G  The complete set of equipment includes engine, water pump, straight Nozzle, spray Nozzle, water inlet pipe, high pressure hose and accessories.   Using 80c high performance UAV engine powertrain, with air cooling and forced water cooling compound heat dissipation, to meet the ultra-long continuous working time, the engine has been tested at high speed and uninterrupted above 300hr, the maximum speed can reach 9000...

  • Portable backpack fire fighting water pump

    Portable backpack fire...

    The whole device pairs a reliable 3-stage pump end with a 4-stoke engine. It can be used by itself, in tandem or in parallel with other pumps, and is also a very popular choice for slip-on applications. Model TBQ8/3 Engine type Single cylinder, two strokes, forced air cooling Power 8HP Flow 340L/min Suction lift 7m Maximum lift 165m Maximum range 25m Fuel tank volume 25L Net weight of the complete machine 15kg Starting mode Starting by a hand line or electric starting ...

  • Ultra long distance water supply forestry fire pump

    Ultra long distance wa...

    Model 250 type Power ≥ 35HP Displacement ≥ 993 cc Maximum flow ≥ 250 L/min Maximum lift ≥ 800 m Water transport distance ≥ 10,000 m Extreme range ≥ 45 m Max. Suction depth ≥ 7 m Inlet diameter 50 mm Outlet diameter 40 mm Weight ≤ 135 kgs Starting mode Electrical start-up Ignition mode Electronic pulse ignition

  • Vehicle high pressure water mist fire extinguishing device/ pump

    Vehicle high pressure ...

    Model CXN-08/06 Gasoline engine power ≥24HP Rated pressure ≥22MPa Working pressure ≥18MPa Rated flow ≥40L/min Mean Range ≥35m Maximum transport distance ≥5000m Max. Lift ≥1000m Net weight of the complete machine ≤106kg

  • Mini Portable fire pump

    Mini Portable fire pump

    Model TBQ50/2.5G Engine type Single cylinder, air cooled, four strokes Engine Power ≥1.8HP Maximum flow >150L/min Extreme range >20m Maximum lift >35m PumpN.W. ≤5kg Starting mode Recoil (hand start)


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